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Multicast your MP3 streams throughout the Internet!

[NEW] You can now run liveCaster without a GUI, or as a Windows Service. (Either of these can also be used to output multiple streams at once.) Use the "liveCaster" application to multicast MP3 audio streams to a potentially unlimited audience, even with only a low-bandwidth Internet connection.

If your data source is not directly connected to the Multicast Internet, a built-in tunneling mechanism brings your data to the world.

Your customers receive and play your data using a multicast-capable MP3 audio player (or, for textual data, a MAFP-capable browser such as multikitTM (now obsolete), or a web browser plugin). Custom receivers and/or senders can also be provided, upon request.

liveCaster uses standard protocols and open data formats, and works over any IP multicast network. (No proprietary encodings; no unnecessary middlemen!)

Downloading & installing liveCaster

Using liveCaster (tutorial)

Receiving data from liveCaster


liveCaster is free for downloading and use. (The application binary no longer has an expiration date, and a license fee is no longer required for unlimited use of all features of the application.)

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