"lc" - the GUI-less version of liveCaster

Included with each liveCaster distribution is a separate application "lc". "lc" is similar to "liveCaster", except that it runs as a console application rather than using a GUI. (Some users prefer to use "lc" for long-running sessions - e.g., to avoid using X-windows on Unix.)

To run "lc", you must have a properly set up "SELF.txt" file for your session. This file is created automatically by "liveCaster" (the GUI-based application), after it queries you for the session parameters. So, if you wish to run "lc", you should first run "liveCaster", and let it query you for the session parameters. Thereafter you can run "lc".

"lc" takes the same command-line arguments (if any) as "liveCaster". Note, in particular, the "-d" argument. This is used to specify the directory that contains a "SELF.txt" file (along with any data to be multicast).

You can also specify more than one output stream, using multiple SELF*.txt files.

While "lc" is running, it outputs status reports to 'stderr' (not 'stdout').

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