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Connect your desktop computer (or your corporate intranet) to a multicast-enabled network

"liveGate" is a server program that runs on a computer that's already connected to the Multicast Internet (aka. "MBone"), or some other multicast-enabled network. It enables a non-multicast-connected computer to access and participate in multicast services.

A second (different) program - running on the non-multicast-connected computer - is used to set up and control a tunnel between this client computer and the liveGate server. Examples of such programs include the the "liveGate for Intranets" multicast relaying controller, and the liveCasterTM 'datacaster'.

Other client software can also use this tunneling mechanism. liveGate can also be used in combination with a special version of liveGate - called "liveGate for Intranets" - to relay multicast over a firewall, or between two multicast-enabled networks that are separated by non-multicast-enabled routers.

Who runs liveGate?

Downloading & installing liveGate

Configuring liveGate for your site

The statistics web server

(Monitor your clients' multicast usage.)


liveGate is currently free for evaluation. However, by default it is limited to supporting one tunnel only. This restriction can be lifted with the purchase of a per-machine license. This license - which has a price of US$200 - also entitles the licensee to one year of technical support (via email), as well as priority on notification of new versions, and other product news. (The license will also disable the periodic expiration of each liveGate version, and enable the built-in statistics web server.)

It is also possible - for a separate price - to purchase a 'bulk license' that will apply to any machine on which you run "liveGate" (and/or its companion product "liveGate for Intranets"). This type of license can be used if you wish to bundle this software with your own products, for example.

If you wish to purchase a license, please email If you wish to purchase individual, per-machine licenses, then please include in your message the IP address(es) of each machine(s) that you wish to license. You can also purchase individual licenses online.

The tunneling protocol

A technical specification of the "UDP Multicast Tunneling Protocol" (UMTP) - used by liveGate - has been submitted as an Internet Draft.

Release history

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