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The LIVE555TM HLS Proxy

The "LIVE555 HLS Proxy" is an application - built from the "LIVE555 Streaming Media" software - that allows a web browser to view a 'back-end' (unicast or multicast) RTSP/RTP stream (e.g., from a network camera). An arbitrary number of web browser clients can view the stream, but the back-end RTSP stream is accessed only once.

                                                                        --> [HTTP (web browser) client1]
        [back-end RTSP/RTP stream] --> [LIVE555 HLS Proxy] [Web Server] --> [HTTP (web browser) client2]
                                                                        --> [HTTP (web browser) clientN]

Specifically, the "LIVE555 HLS Proxy" converts a live RTSP stream (e.g., from a network camera) into a set of HLS ("HTTP Live Streaming") segments that can be viewed in a HLS-compliant browser (e.g., "Safari" on Macs or iPhones).

(Note the difference between the "LIVE555 HLS Proxy" and the "LIVE555 Proxy Server", where all access to the stream is via RTSP. In contrast, the "LIVE555 HLS Proxy" allows client to access the stream using a web browser.)

To use the "LIVE555 HLS Proxy", you must have a web server (e.g., Apache) running on the same computer.

Basic operation

The "LIVE555 HLS Proxy" is a command-line (i.e., 'console') application. To run it: Note that the RTSP stream must contain H.264 or H.265 video, optionally with an AAC audio track. For now, no other codecs are supported.

Proxying an 'advertised' RTSP streams

This server application can also set up proxying for a back-end RTSP stream that's advertised using a "REGISTER" RTSP command. (This advertisement - which specifies the "rtsp://" URL of the back-end stream - can be sent either by the back-end server itself, or by some third-party application.) To give the server application this functionality, start it with the "-R" or "-R <port-number>" command-line option, instead of a "rtsp://" URL.

Source code, and support

Because this application is intended for computer networking professionals rather than casual end users, we do not make it available as a pre-built binary. Instead, you must build it yourself, from source code. To do so, you must download and build the "LIVE555 Streaming Media" software. Note that the "LIVE555 HLS Proxy" application is included in the "hlsProxy" subdirectory.

Support for the "LIVE555 HLS Proxy" (and the rest of the "LIVE555 Streaming Media" code) is provided via our developers' mailing list: "". Note that you must first subscribe to the mailing list before you can post to it; please also read the FAQ before posting to the mailing list.

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